Addicts Helpline offers individualized treatment by utilizing a comprehensive and personalized approach to addiction. Our experienced professionals are qualified to diagnose and treat addiction and other mental health conditions. We help make sobriety possible by giving our clients the tools necessary to overcome addiction and stay on the path of recovery for life.


Our mission is to provide excellent personalized treatment to each and every client. Our caring and compassionate staff directly interacts with clients respectfully and honestly. We provide a safe and therapeutic environment conducive to change and recovery, and employ a high staff-to-client ratio to ensure the clients receive individualized treatment. The professionals at Addict’s Helpline believe that recovery is indeed possible for everyone.


Our goals are to facilitate recovery and to provide clients with the means to overcome all aspects of addiction – mental, physical, and spiritual. Drug and alcohol addictions are progressive conditions – if left untreated, addicts feel increasingly despondent, helpless, and hopeless. Our treatment center and staff can make the difference in a life by turning this type of thinking around – for immediate positive results and for permanent change.