There are a lot of myths and misconceptions said about the real causes of the heroin overdose. The general perception is of the addict taking too much amount of heroin, but there can be many underlying causes that differ from the general public perception of the heroin overdose. In this article, we seek to correct and clarify the perceived causes of heroin overdose and explaining some of the basic facts about heroin overdose.

Heroin is a highly addictive drug. This is an illegal drug derived from morphine extracted from poppy plants seeds. Heroin is x brown or the seeds in color with high street value. It is usually cut with cheap inert compounds to increase profits for dealers.

As a young kid, you cannot wake up one day and decide that when you grow up, you will be an addict. It doesn't function that way! Numerous factors may lead to heroin addiction, and once you get involved, it’s hard to stop using.

Heroin addiction brings shame to the addict's family, and in case you're an addict while in a relationship, it becomes the frustration to your lover. Everyone who is indirectly or directly in contact with the addicted person is affected. Parent do raise their kids, fed, clothed, and love their child to be an addict at the end!

1. Heroin addiction is escalating

Most of the reports show that the use of heroin in America has increased. Approximately a third of heroin addicts experience overdoses, and one percent of those heroin addicts overdoses lead to death.

2. Increases the chances of becoming sick

Most of the heroin addict engage in unprotected sex, sharing needles among other heroin users this may lead to contract HIV Hepatitis B or C.

3. Pregnant women opiate addicts

High usage of heroin during pregnancy increases the chance of premature birth, and high risk of sudden infant death syndrome.

4. Increases the rate of Prison Incarceration

The stats show that approximately seventy percent of prison inmates across America are in prison for drug-related charges especially heroin abuse. Also, it has been estimated around eighty percent ap prisoner in the U.S. in one time have ever abused the heroin substance in the past.

5. High chance of prisoners getting returning to prison again.

Most of the heroin addicts return to prison. It's hard for an addict to stop using heroin unless a proper rehabilitation and staying away from other addicts. Approximately 40% of the addicts return to prison due to drug-related violation issues.

How to use heroin?

Heroin can be injected, smoked or sniffed. What people addicted to heroin can inject themselves four to five times a day. Intravenous injections offer the most rapid onset and highest intensity of euphoria, (from 7 to 8 seconds). Intramuscular injections provide a relatively slow euphoria onset (4 to 8 minutes) sniffed or smoked Heroin doesn’t produce the rush and its peak effects are felt within 11 to 16 minutes.

Socio-Psychological explanation

There is no specific personality style which can be referred to as "addictive personalities'. However, there exist common personality symptoms, psychodynamic and traits factors that can occur in clusters of the people addicted. Numerous psychologists have come up with different theories explaining heroin addiction.

Symptoms function in families of heroin addicts

1. Regressive heroin euphoria. This is characterized by fusion of infantile. The mother allows the addict the symbolic reunification with the family of childhood and the mother.

The blunting effects of drug allow the addict the feeling of separating from the overwhelming fear of incorporation while keeping an illusory intimacy.

2. Heroin provides a sense of power to the addicts and omnipotence that can unleash aggression to the family members, especially the parents. This rage makes the addicts freed from family bonds and to feel temporarily autonomous. The addicts’ lives are a defiant 'quantum leap’ different from that of their family

3. The sexually equivalent heroin high, regressive, and the resultant lifestyle hinders the male addict from making lasting and intimate relationships, especially with ladies. In the last stages of heroin addiction, it destroys the sex drive form men.

4. Due to the results of the above factors and underlying narcissistic personality, heroin addicts form false families of procreation only. Heroin purity is hard to measure because it is an illegal drug and uncontrolled substance. As such, heroin from the street can vary in potency. New addicts can accidentally take an excess of the drug and suffer a heroin overdose.