Detoxification is the process in which the body is rid of toxic substances. Depending on the client’s needs, it may be the first step in addiction recovery. Addicts Helpline offers referrals to qualified detox centers. The process may take between 5-10 days. Length of detox is based upon the client’s health status, as well as substance use duration and frequency of use.


Our drug and alcohol rehab programs primarily focus on personalized client care. Advantageous aspects of clinical care are used in an intensive, multi-faceted approach. The personalized treatment plan is developed by professional staff and is designed to meet the unique needs of every individual client.

Recovery Solutions

Our professional staff strive engage in a personal and insightful relationship with each patient.This facilities the creation of effective solutions regarding addiction and mental illnesses. Plans are designed for each client’s specific needs and goals. Continuation of recovery requires both a functional and a personal environment, and all clients should be given optimal recovery opportunities.


When residential treatment ends, recovery does not. There is a scary and critical transition period from inpatient services to a return to the community. For this reason, options for aftercare are available to facilitate this process, for both the client and their family.

A Gentle Transition

Clients are encouraged to engaged in our intensive Outpatient Program. This allows them to continue working with staff while they transition back to society. Work and school responsibilities may resume while therapeutic endeavors continue.


Transitioning back to the community also means a return to potential triggers and bad influences. These factors can be a recipe for relapse. We encourage clients to consider residence in an approved and supervised sober living facility. Keep in mind, not all treatment centers provide such assistance after leaving residential treatment.

Sober LIving Houses Provide On-Going Treatment and Structure

Sober living houses are managed and supervised by onsite personnel. They strive to maintain a safe and sober environment for all members. Approved residents are required to engage in the outpatient program. This helps clients to address life issues such as education, employments, and a return to independent living. 12-step meetings are also required. Random drug tests are necessary to ensure an alcohol- and substance-free environment.